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The agent who'd requested a partial of Cavalier Attitude sent me a rejection this week. It's never fun to get those envelopes you've addressed and stamped, hoping never to have them come back, and I regretted seeing this one (not least because I really do think Cavalier is the strongest book I've written thus far). Alas. But it was a very nice, very helpful rejection letter, and I appreciate the kindness that went into its composition.

"While the tone, flow, and voice hit all the right notes for me, Cavalier runs the risk of being sub-categorized to death - a fantasy novel, a high fantasy novel, a gay novel (and more, a novel about gay love and its proscription) - which I fear would limit its audience from the start. I simply can't be confident that you'll find publication at a trade publisher; it's the sort of project that would do quite well at a small press, and it doesn't suit my time or yours to involve me in the hunt for the right place."

Good thing I got today's words in before the mail came. I have a feeling I'll be mulling over that bit about small press publication for quite a while.

No love

Oct. 4th, 2006 09:10 pm
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Got a nice, personalized rejection letter from Christine Cohen at Virginia Kidd Agency. She got a kick out of the similar names thing; she signed it "Chris Cohen!", which I think is cool. And she's recommended another agent/agency, with the note that they can't get to my query for a while and I should try these other people.

My dilemma: AgentQuery says this other agent is not currently accepting unsolicited queries.

I need to make some edits to Cavalier anyway, so maybe by the time I'm ready to submit, that status will have changed. And then I can write a cover letter that says, "Agent X recommended I query you."

My goal is to have Cavalier edited by the time WFC rolls around. We'll see how close I get to that.
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Got the alas-o-gram from Merilee Heifetz in yesterday's mail. Maybe, someday, this novel will get a request for partial or--dare I say it?--a full manuscript.

In the meantime, I continue to plug away on the pirates novel and ignore the seductive whispers about plot threads not yet explored in Canum's world. They're unexplored, damn it, because I already have four completed novels in that universe and the first draft of several others.

Maybe I'm trying to raise interest with the wrong crop of novels. I don't think you're supposed to be taunting agents with more than one at a time, though. (Yes? No?) I am operating under the impression that one dangles before agents one's best work--and I may be wrong, but I think Cavalier Attitude is the best I've written to date.

::wrenches focus back to Josh and the pirates::

Parts of this pirate novel gleam even in first draft. I hope it's a good thing when an author likes his or her own work, because I do. Why would you put yourself through this if you didn't enjoy what you wrote?
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A no love letter from Ginger Clark, after about three weeks.

Dimo, dear heart, tape up your knuckles. You'll be knocking on doors until you find the right one.
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Got the rejection--polite, even kind--from Joshua Bilmes/JABberwocky. Drat.

Ah, well. Must cast the net wider....


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