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First, we have a graduate. The ceremony was well-planned, well-executed, and short. *g*

Second, we have rain, for the second time in three days. The last batch netted us 1.5 inches or better (as judged by the "dip forefinger in formerly empty bucket left on the deck" method). We're being treated to an all-day light rain today. Watch and see--if we get another day or so of the rain, people will be complaining that they want it to go away. I may even be amongst them, as I take only limited joy in walking the dog in the rain. But, for now, I'm happy it's raining.

Third, after two weeks without much of an internet connection at home and none on my personal computer, my computer-wise neighbor helped me set up a new wireless network at the house, and we've cleared off the Norton Internet Security 2006 software that had blocked my Earthlink service from talking with my computer. (I'd tried everything, including turning off the Norton firewall, to no avail.) I now have a new antivirus software package, and it isn't Norton.

I'm back at work after three days off for the graduation and party, but that's okay, because tonight I'll be able to slip into the OWW chat room and catch up with my friends. Huzzah!


Jun. 5th, 2006 08:56 am
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Should you be wondering where the hell I am of late, please picture me sitting in front of my computer, scowling, and wishing I could get my hands on someone live at Norton/Symantec to make them help me with this effing firewall problem.

That, and preparing for graduation party and actual graduation in the next week. Busybusybusy!
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My son appears to have passed high school. Today was his last final exam, and we have slightly more than one week to the actual graduation ceremony.

::cue Alice Cooper music::

No more homework, no more books, no more early-morning-grumpy-teenager's dirty looks!

I think I'm more excited about this than he is. *g*


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