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This is a tune many of those who don't live in the country sing as well, only with slightly modified verses. No doubt you'll recognize your own version.

There's a bear in the field, oh my. A bear!
Suet feeder, sunflowers, rows of corn all sniffed.
(Suet feeder was found to be tasty. Uh oh.)
Countermeasures contemplated, none of them fun.
Ugh. There's a bear. What shall I do?

There's a rooster in the field, oh my. A rooster!
Not my rooster--don't have, don't want.
(Hens don't need rooster, thank you very much.)
Means of trapping him and rehoming contemplated, all of them conflicting with bear issues.
Ugh. There's a rooster. What shall I do?

There's a delivery to be picked up for the field, oh my. A whole pallet!
The greenhouse-to-be needs a face, but the truck can't get up our driveway.
(No, we can't be available at a half-hour's notice to meet the truck nearby. Sheesh.)
Long-distance trip to trucking company's warehouse contemplated; won't be home to handle either bear or rooster issues.
Ugh. There's a delivery. What shall I do?

Put out corn to lure in rooster. (Catch him when he goes to roost?)
Store new suet feeder in garage tonight.
Caravan - car and truck - to warehouse (in rain).
So very many moving parts. For just one day can we avoid disaster?
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Well, hogs on my lawn, at any rate. Two of them, a great big white one and a smaller reddish-brown hog, have shown up to graze on my lawn, and in my garden, and under my apple trees for the past two nights. I am sincerely hopeful that their owner was located today by the animal control officer and has himself located his wayward swine, and we won't be left to stare out the windows all evening and watch them watching us.

(I have this thing about livestock that's bigger than me. (No short jokes, you!) And these buggers didn't even blink when we tried to shoo them away with sticks and brooms; the smaller hog even moved closer. (So back into the house I went, right quick.) We finally chased them off last night by firing the rifle into the air.)

And you thought life in the country was all harvest the produce, enjoy the fresh air. *g* Hogs! On my lawn!


Of course, it's not my lawn for much longer. After far too involved a saga, we became homeowners again and will be moving into the new house this weekend. In celebration of finally - finally! - being settled, I bought two new telephones, one for the kitchen and one for my office.

Well, not quite new telephones. In fact, they're actually pretty old. The one going in my office was built sometime in 1968, and the one for kitchen was built in the early 1970s. I've long wanted one of the big, solid, heavy phones of my childhood, the ones with the real ring of striker against metal bell. They're rotary dial, too; I'm looking forward to the expression on my son's face when he goes to use them the first time. I even indulged myself with a red phone. *g* Let's hear it for eBay!

My dad's come up one more time to help us move and help, too, in putting together the new dog yard and house. (Thanks, Dad!) I got smart - I bought plans for the dog house online, so there would be no arguments about what I wanted or what supplies we need.

Now just to keep everyone from killing each other this weekend. And no more hogs on the lawn!


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