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Well, that was quick. Last night I sent an e-query for In the Shape of a Man, the first book in the Canum series, to the agent who'd liked the voice and pacing of Cavalier. Overnight, she sent me a request for 50 pages.

I think that, over the holidays, I'll be going over that manuscript very, very carefully.

I'm also looking to send the query to several other agents. There is no guarantee that she'll want to see the whole thing, or even like what she reads. It's all about right desk, right day. And luck. And persistence.

Ignore that fluttering in the stomach. That's the price for persistence. *g*


I'm baking today in preparation for a cookie exchange at the day job, and also because I really wanted to try out the Brown Bag Cookie Co. cookie molds I bought off eBay recently. Shortbread! The double ginger variety is chilling in the fridge as we speak, prior to slicing and baking. The molds work great. I need to get a couple more of the small ones, though, I think, because it seems wasteful to only bake one or two at a time.


While I'm buying gifts for others it only makes sense to buy some for myself, right? So now I'm the proud owner of yet another pair of really nifty Birkenstock clogs, this pair black leather with white Western-style topstitching. (That's the Oklahoma style, if you want to track down a pair for yourself. is my friend.) I've been looking for a pair like this for a while now. And now I have them!


May. 3rd, 2007 04:23 pm
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It's a rainy Thursday, and the Queen is in Richmond, and because they've closed our entire office block for security reasons (and the street between my building and Capitol Square, and my parking garage) I had time to finish up the edits I wanted to make to Cavalier, and then put together those queries I'd intended to send last week. I've posted five new queries and sent the requested partial manuscript off.

I'd forgotten how useful a significantly long stretch of hours could be when one is in a mood to write. *g* The edits were polishing, really, but I'd been dithering over them for a while. Once I sat down to work this morning, with [ profile] corrinalaw's comments, they went quickly.

I'm not sure what comes next. It's still spring, and the design jobs are keeping me hopping in what there is of my spare time. Probably I ought to concentrate on those, since their timeline is finite, and let the two stories I have percolating brew a bit longer. The pirate story is not ready; I went awry somewhere, after a promising start, and haven't yet figured out where. Probably I ought to simply do the [ profile] novel_in_90 thing again and just get it written, and worry about the editing later. The Bells story that I wrote this winter with [ profile] novel_in_90's help has plenty of plot - shock! amaze! - but needs more characterization.

(In fact, I believe the problem with shooting for consistent word count is that I'm going to consistently miss out on the characterization I love so much but that takes a while to develop; I don't know if this dooms this means of generating words, or not. I guess we'll see how hard it turns out to be to flesh Bells out.)
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Just got an email from Andrea Somberg with Harvey Klinger, one of the agents to whom I'd sent Cavalier Attitude. 'Twas a nice rejection, alas.
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A Mailing has been committed this morning. In addition to five more novel queries (that would be Dimo, ringing those doorbells), I've sent off a story to the F&SF slush bomb project, and another (the Xavier "short" alt history) to Paradox. Now to await the blizzard of rejection SASEs. *g*

No Love

Aug. 5th, 2006 04:14 pm
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37-day rejection of a snail mail query (plus synop and 50 pages) from Ethan Ellenberg.

As I am assured that Chris Lotts, who is my only snail query remaining unanswered, responds to those he's interested in and no others, I will press on with picking the next batch of agents. And I'm working on my query, too. (Thanks, Jodi.)
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One week, Eleanor Wood. She notes, for those who might be interested, that she's "taking on very few new clients."

Two down in this batch, three more to go.

No love

Jul. 10th, 2006 09:57 am
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A no thanks letter from Rachel Vater, after about a week.
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Mailed more queries out yesterday. All of this batch got at least a sample set of the first five pages; one wanted the first chapter, and another wanted the first 50 pages.

Dumb move of the day: sealing up two of the envelopes before I'd signed the cover letter.

I want to talk about alternate history stories, but that's not querying, so....
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Got a "no thanks" letter from Lucienne Diver today. [ profile] agentturnaround, this one was 13 days. (I'll post the receipt there, too.)
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Got the SASE back from Richard Henshaw - a very nice form letter, alas.
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This morning's mailings include queries to Nikki Van De Car (Harvey Klinger), Richard Henshaw, Russell Galen, Lucienne Diver, and Ginger Clark (Curtis Brown), all paper mailings. No telling how long it will be before any of them get back to me, but each package included an SASE, so I should at some point have an answer.

In the publishing/agent hunt business, no news is never good news. I'm advised to wait 30 days before giving up on the email queries I sent, but am not holding my breath.

Query notes

Apr. 9th, 2006 08:46 pm
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I should note that I got a "no thanks" email from Maya Rock of Writers House on Friday. I still intend to get some paper queries out this week, but haven't and won't be printing that material out tonight. I have to write the cover letters first.
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At least this stack didn't have to be weighed by the Post Office. E-queries away to Shawna McCarthy (The McCarthy Agency), Cameron McClure (Maass Agency - a girl can dream, can't she?), and Maya Rock (Writers House). Electronic media makes this process oh! so much easier.

That doesn't mean I didn't eyeball, individually, each letter on the screen to ensure I'd spelled everything right and the email addresses were correct. >;-)

Interesting how liberating finally taking action on this process can be. I've hardly done anything, and yet I feel like working on the writing again. Procrastination, and fear of the unknown/failure, sure is a tiresome burden to carry around. Thanks again to those who made me put it down.


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