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The agent who'd requested a partial of Cavalier Attitude sent me a rejection this week. It's never fun to get those envelopes you've addressed and stamped, hoping never to have them come back, and I regretted seeing this one (not least because I really do think Cavalier is the strongest book I've written thus far). Alas. But it was a very nice, very helpful rejection letter, and I appreciate the kindness that went into its composition.

"While the tone, flow, and voice hit all the right notes for me, Cavalier runs the risk of being sub-categorized to death - a fantasy novel, a high fantasy novel, a gay novel (and more, a novel about gay love and its proscription) - which I fear would limit its audience from the start. I simply can't be confident that you'll find publication at a trade publisher; it's the sort of project that would do quite well at a small press, and it doesn't suit my time or yours to involve me in the hunt for the right place."

Good thing I got today's words in before the mail came. I have a feeling I'll be mulling over that bit about small press publication for quite a while.

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Oct. 4th, 2006 09:10 pm
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Got a nice, personalized rejection letter from Christine Cohen at Virginia Kidd Agency. She got a kick out of the similar names thing; she signed it "Chris Cohen!", which I think is cool. And she's recommended another agent/agency, with the note that they can't get to my query for a while and I should try these other people.

My dilemma: AgentQuery says this other agent is not currently accepting unsolicited queries.

I need to make some edits to Cavalier anyway, so maybe by the time I'm ready to submit, that status will have changed. And then I can write a cover letter that says, "Agent X recommended I query you."

My goal is to have Cavalier edited by the time WFC rolls around. We'll see how close I get to that.
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Got a 24-day no thanks letter from Nikki Van De Car in today's mail. I'd forgotten I had this one still out, and am somewhat bummed because I think Van De Car was a good fit for me. (The only other one out now is Galen, and no one I'm in touch with has gotten anything from him, yes or no, despite sending SASEs. Someone suggested that he wallpapers his office in envelopes with uncanceled stamps.) that the graduation madness is past, I guess I need to come up with the next round of queries.


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