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It's official - summer has arrived. The fireflies are once again decorating the night with semaphore declarations of love. The heat has been here a good week, and the deer flies are already driving us crazy, but until the fireflies return, it isn't summer.
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Preference check: (a) Stone Dog, (b) Stone Boar (a/k/a Stoned Hog? Stone Bore?)

Details: tavern in a fairly large city set upon a stony plateau alongside a big river, athwart the major trade route from north to south. As I am not known for my humorous writing, it's safe to assume this is a dramatic novel in tone. *g* It's not a major setting, but who knows if I'll get to use it later, and it ought to be interesting if I can make it happen, yes?

I'm currently going with Stone Dog, but am willing to be persuaded otherwise.


The lemon tree has managed to escape indoor confinement for the past couple of days since it was sunny and in the 70s and 80s, but it's back indoors after tonight. Many of the back deck plants traveled to my office windows a week ago, since those south-facing stretches of glass effectively triple my plant overwintering capability without turning my dining room (with its south-facing sliding glass door) into a jungle.

(And which of us don't have memories of childhood homes turning into jungles over the winter? Tell me that isn't just me and my mom.)


I'm happy to report--late, but it's been a bitch of a couple of weeks--that staycation did indeed result in a finished draft in the sense that all of the structural changes to Kith got made. I'm now well into the next pass, where I fix all of the remaining "notes to self" patches that were only roughed in, if that, in the previous pass.

I'd have liked to have this rewrite done by now. Just assume the above comment about bitch of a week applies to the entire year to date, and you'll have an idea why that hasn't occurred. (Sorry, Lovely Agent.) Nevertheless, I am so very close to being able to prep a clean draft and figure out just how many pages this thing actually has grown to. My habit is to leave my notes in my draft, color-coding for their status (yellow for needs attention, green for handled, blue for really important to remember or really cool idea), and thus my current draft is bloated with rainbows.

I need to keep reminding myself, however, that the all but cover to cover rewrite of Break, the novel immediately following Kith in the linear sequence of this series, took eight very long months and I was about ready to die when I finally wrapped up that work. I don't need to be that exhausted with this one. November will be eight months, so really, I'm not doing all that bad. I just want to be done….



This weekend is the local highland games and celtic festival. ( Hopefully, if the storm system about to overtake the eastern seaboard doesn’t arrive until late on Saturday, we’ll get a chance to attend. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to dress up (as such things apply to me)! It’s certainly as close as I’ll get to a Halloween costume party.


And now, nose back to the workaday grindstone. Have a great weekend, folks!


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