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We'd sat down in the living room and made ourselves comfortable, tucked up with the dogs and beverages and snacks. TV remote was near at hand, ready to go. Clock said 9PM. TV announced that the new episode of Criminal Minds was on next...

...and then the station switched us to a basketball game.

WTF, CBS affiliate WTVR?
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Dr. Peter Watts, Canadian SF writer, was stopped at the Port Huron (US) border crossing into Canada. He was beaten, Maced, and arrested for asking a question and then asking it again when the border guards refused to answer the first time.

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Guess again.

BoingBoing on the incident:

Making Light’s page on the events, including further links:

Needless to say, Watts needs defense funds, because he – like you and I, if we don’t want to live in a police state – must object when government oversteps its bounds. If you’ve got it to contribute, please do in the name of justice and human rights (and what's left of our personal freedoms). Contributions can be sent via PayPal to
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Take a look at this:

If I understand correctly, it seems that Amazon has stripped the sales rankings from a wide swath of titles available on that site - and the unifying feature of those titles affected is that they relate to homosexuality. In the comment threads on the above page, there's indication that the erotica field has been struck, as well; that the striking of data extends to academic studies of homosexuality; and that, for some odd reason those titles that are categorized lesbian apparently have not been affected.

Further to which categories are being blanked:

Comments being tracked on Twitter at #amazonfail.

Raise the roof, folks. Make sure no one tries this shit ever again.


ETA: [ profile] jonquil's comments are worth reading, as usual:


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