Aug. 20th, 2010 03:53 pm
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While browsing through a website for Masonite door products, I encountered the following text:

Masonite's ultimate goal is to add beauty and value to your home. We make our doors to the highest standards and warrant them to perform over time. When you buy a Masonite door, you are buying piece of mind. (emphasis mine)

Which is ironic, in that the reason I went looking at websites about Masonite was the fact I discovered today that, in 1996, Masonite's exterior siding product was determined via a class action suit to be defective.

Apparently, so is their grammar checker. >:-)


We have the one good property located last week, and will be looking at two other candidates this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that one of them will be close to the ideal of what we're looking for. We would like to shoot for closing the end of September, moving in October. I should have more photos to post on Sunday evening.


This whole pack-move-unpack, pack-move-unpack thing feels so familiar. We moved a lot when I was a kid (nine schools in 12 years of public schooling).

My husband and I listed the things we're looking forward to with a new house. Top of the list? Windows with proper screens. To say that the little sliding-insert screen things don't work is putting it mildly. It's been like living in a camp for the past five months; don't turn on a light after dark unless you wanted to attract moths and other flyers, especially upstairs!

My husband and son are both cheering that the three places that are our top choices all have dishwashers. I could do without - have done so for the past 15 years - but maybe this means I won't have to be the only one really paying attention to washing up.

Yeah, right.
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Numbers and I do not get along. I can, and have, worked the same damned algebra problem and ended up with different answers, and been certain each time I had worked the problem correctly. Usually, however, I can count on my brain's innate skill with patterns to keep the digit-swapping to a minimum when it's words rather than numerals.

Today, I typed a new one: navitagion.

Apparently that's a virus that makes you suddenly pack a bag and jump on board ship. *g*


It's been a good couple of days' word gathering, with nearly 2K new words to show for my effort (and not effort of the staring at the screen for hours variety, either; this is the pre-Christmas season, and every minute seems to be scheduled). I can tell I'm starting to get to the point where existing text is fitting into the new material--the grafting is becoming easier.

I'm also at page 346. Wow.


No research. I am, however, reading for fun - I finished an early Tony Hillerman-Jim Chee/Lt. Leaphorn mystery, Coyote Waits over the weekend and am now approaching the end of the new Lynn Flewelling-Seregil and Alec book, Shadows Return. Long awaited, this one. When I am not busy shedding books in preparation for moving, I will have to buy the ones that go before just so I can re-read them all in quick sequence. (I hear they're being reissued - yay!)

I also will soon have a whole new box of books to read, though most of them I've already read. I won an auction over at the [livejournal.com profile] helpvera community that includes three or four Nina Kiriki Hoffman novels, two of which are some of my absolute favorites. (The Thread that Binds the Bones and The Silent Strength of Stones) Plus some books I've been meaning to read, and will now be Mine!

What was that about shedding books? *g*


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